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Group classes are a fun way to get moving alongside others and our assortment of courses can help you do just that.


Weight Training Academy

Our trainers train you to train yourself. Over the course of 6 weeks you will master the 5 essential lifts, routine programming, and progression. It’s time to “know what you are doing” in the gym.

Learn To Fight

These classes will take you from beginner to seasoned veteran! Learn the sweet science and look great doing it.

Weight Loss

Simple, yet highly effective. We employ time tested methods that deliver exceptional results. You can reach your weight loss goals! We're here to teach you how.

Strength Training

Whether you're already strong, or interested in getting that way; if strength is your goal, this class is for you! 

Youth Boxing

A great place for kids to safely learn fundamental boxing technique that will inspire confidence as the student progresses.

Nutrition Planning

Are you ready to take the next step towards your fitness goals? Here is where you get out of the gym and into the kitchen to learn the diet strategies that will best support you in reaching your goals.